The Capibaribe Melhor program covers 26 neighborhoods of the North and West areas of Recife, which are located near the banks of Capibaribe River, being home to 225 thousand inhabitants.

The program includes the implementation of a urban infrastructure system, the resettlement of families, the expansion of the road system and adjustment of the green areas.

Synergia, in a consortium with Projetec, updates the registration information, and carries out both the social monitoring and the implementation of the Involuntary Expropriation and Resettlement Plan ((PDRI) for the families living in the areas that will benefit from the interventions of the 2nd phase of the projects, and who will be affected by the relocation process.

In 2013, more than 600 families were registered in one of these three groups: assistance, resettling or total/partial compensation, according to the intervention needs. The criteria for the assistance efforts, which include resettlement in housing units and expropriation processes, are defined based on a housing and environmental vulnerability study, considering, not only the federal, state and municipal laws, but also the World Bank’s Policy Framework on involuntary resettlement.


Municipal Government of Recife (urban development company URB/Recife)

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