The need to accommodate a growing number of buses and to respond to the use of new technologies recommends implementing a new building for Buses Management Operating Centre in the metropolitan transport system of Barcelona.

The chosen location for the New Management Centre is the Municipality of Viladecans.

The specific location will be in a technology park in Viladecans, thus meeting the planned uses for buildings in the Urban Planning.

The basic design of the proposed solution consists of two underground floors for the Bus Management Centre, plus an offices floor connected to it, with an internal parking and another one for the equipment that the City Hall of Viladecans aims to develop above ground level.

Given the height difference among the surrounding streets, the Management Centre Bus resolves with different levels the heterogeneity of the environment, creating a large square surface at the highest elevation of the streets, as foreseen in the Urban Planning.

The basic functions taken into account in the Buses Management Centre are: Maintenance Workshop, Refuelling, Washing buses, parking Buses, Operation Building, General Services and Private Vehicle Parking.


ATM (Metropolitan Transport Authority)

Project Dates


Project Figures

  • Contract Value : 29,500 €
  • Construction Value : 65 million €