The feasibility study of the Reversible Station of Lagoa das Furnas for Electricity of Açores consisted of two phases.

Phase 1 – Dimensioning of the installations and analysis of their functioning according to curves of energy demand in 2014 in the Island of São Miguel.

Phase 2 – Definition of the functioning of the installation and its consequences for the hydraulic circuit of this operation regime. Preliminary Study of the building of the Station and upper reservoir with a capacity of 100 000 m3 and cost estimate of the work.

Equipment of the Station:

  • Hydroelectrical Station of 11,4 MW of power, with Pelton turbines with a response capacity to charge variations of about 8 MW/min.
  • Maximum Energy produced by cycle of 50 MW.
  • 5 Motor-Pump groups (4+1 of reserve) for 3,87 m3/s and a pumping height of 247 m.

Building of the Station:

The solution presented is a building with the U shape formed by two skins: the interior in prefabricated concrete blocks associated to the concrete structure to which it is anchored and a second skin in glass covering the remaining façade. The natural ventilation of the building is guaranteed from the natural ventilation units installed on the roof.


EDA – Electricidade dos Açores

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