The layout consists of a dam, hydroelectric power, fish ladders and courier.

The storage volume of the reservoir is 827 dam³ and regulates the volume of the reservoir and flows towards the development of Senhora de Monforte, downstream. The spillway has a development of 50 m and a maximum height of 13 m.

The water intake, with a total section of 4,80×3,95 m², fitted with protective grille with a clean-mechanical grid, located on the right bank.

For this study we used a hydrodynamic model (HEC-RAS) which simulated the following scenarios: a) raw millennia b) dam failure Vale de Madeira c) failure of the dam of Senhora de Monforte and the Vale de Madeira dam, causing a burst effect waterfall.

The hydroelectric power station, designed with a Kaplan turbine vertical axis, 12 m³/s flow and a maximum gross fall of 11 m.


Energias Hidroeléctricas, Lda.

Project Dates

2008 – 2009