The development integrates the Weir, the Hydro Station, fish staircase and refund canal

The reservoir volume done by the Weir is 78 dam³.

The Weir has a 60 m development, with a maximum height of 12 m.

The intake in the right meeting of the Weir is built by two spans with 5,20×4,50 m² with grids.

In each opening there are two flow orientation canals for a spiral of each turbine, with control fixed wheel gates with 2,50×3,2 m² each.

The hydro station, designed with a vertical axis Kaplan turbine, a maximum flow of 36 m³/s and a maximum gross head of 7 m.


Hidroeléctrica de Barroca, Lda

Project Dates

1996 – 2005