The hydraulic circuit of S. Matias benefits an irrigation area of 5 867 ha and comprises the Development of Multi-purpose of Alqueva

The main infrastructures are:

Pumping Station of S.Matias: Q = 4.5 m³/s; Hmax = 64 m.;

Conduct lift: 1,97 km, DN 1800/1400 mm;

Reservoir of Cegonha for terrain modeling, coated by geomembrane: Net volume 70 dam³;

Gravitational primary Pipeline: 6,4 km, DN 1800/1400 mm;

Dam of Almeidas (reservoir of 538 dam³) and pumping station;

Secondary Networks irrigation: 58,4 km;

Cleaning and reprofiling of 35,5 km of watercourses;

Construction and rehabilitation of 4 km of agricultural roads;

Remote Management System, Automation and Monitoring


EDIA (Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva, Portugal)

Project Dates