Consulting and technical assistance services for the supervision of the works of Highway EX-A1, from Navalmoral de la Mata to the Portuguese Border. Section: Plasencia – Galisteo. Province of Extremadura

The main purpose of this project was the construction of an 11.1 km section of the road corridor between Navalmoral de la Mata and the Portuguese border, with two lanes in each direction. The works carried out during the construction phase were: land survey, monitoring the implementation of the environmental impact mitigation measures, development of the quality control plan, works control and supervision, health and safety coordination, final inspection of the works, monitoring load testing, data collection for the provisional settlement of the works and preparation of the settlement report to determine the final state of the works.


Dirección General de Carreteras y Obras Hidráulicas (Directorate General for Roads and Hydraulic Works). Gobierno de Extremadura (Extremadura Regional Government)

Project Dates

2008 – 2011


Conam Ingeniería S.L. (50%)

Project Figures

Contract Value:
629,784.00 €