Detailed design of Highway A-59, between the access to Highway A-57 in Vilaboa and the access to Peinador Airport from AP-9 road. Section: Vilaboa-O Viso (Pontevedra). Section length: 9.2 km

Detailed design of a highway stretch in Galicia, in a particularly difficult place due to the orography, closeness to houses and a large number of environmentally sensitive areas.

The alignment of the road had to be adjusted to avoid protected and inhabited areas and to minimize earthworks. Nevertheless, earthworks were of a great significance in comparison to similar projects undertaken in different areas of Spain. The project included large embankments and excavations.

The design comprised five viaducts: the viaducts over River Ulló and River Pontesampaio traverse deep valleys. The viaduct over River Verdugo has five arch spans, with central spans of more than 100 m. There are also two more viaducts of precast beams, shorter than the previous ones, intended to traverse roads and streams. Additionally, the design included the relocation of affected utilities: irrigation and water supply systems, electricity, etc. as well as those utilities belonging to large companies.

As for the environment, the route had to traverse areas of special qualification as well as other individual elements (petroglyphs, sites of architectural importance). The affection to houses and other structures in the area had to be minimized as much as possible.

The design also convered O Viso Intersection.


Dirección General de Carreteras (Directorate General for Roads). Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2008 – 2010

Project Figures

Contract Value:
€ 1,124,588.00