Detailed design of Highway A-32 Linares-Albacete, from km 0.86 of the S14 axis of the preliminary study (km 268.7 of N-322 road) to km 3.35 of the S18B axis. Section: Reolid-Robledo. Province of Albacete

The alignment of the road had to be adjusted to avoid protected and inhabited areas and to minimize earthworks.

The project included six viaducts over rivers: four of them belonging to the highway while two were intended to relocate N-322 road, with lengths ranging between 25 and 100 m. All of the viaducts were constructed with U-beams or double-T beams.

The relocation of the affected utilities was especially complicated as there were a large number of utilities of individual ownership or pertaining to small communities, such as irrigation and water supply systems, electricity… in addition to those belonging to large companies.

As for the environment, the road had to avoid passing through protected areas and river crossings so as not to damage riverbank vegetation. The route starts at an area of special importance for lynx. For this reason, wide underpasses were designed, specially adapted for the passing of these animals. The project also comprises four intersections.

The detailed design of this highway section included the following services: alignment, drainage works, design of structures, structural calculations, pavements, traffic signing and road marking, environmental impact mitigation measures and relocation of affected utilities.

The works covered the construction of 11,296 m of highway, three intersections, 2 temporary connections, 10 structures (1 viaduct, 4 overpasses and 5 underpasses), culverts, traffic signing and road marking, traffic guidance equipment and guard rails.


Dirección General de Carreteras (Directorate General for Roads). Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2009 – 2010

Project Figures

Contract Value:
1,296,265.00 €