Preparation of the draft of the complex of Higher institute of social sciences and communication covering an area of 76,000 sqm. The studies involve the architecture and the various engineering specialties required for defining solutions scaled to accommodate about 1,000 students.

The Campus is distinguished by the integration of various functional sectors – Faculty, Accommodation, Sport and Sport Outdoor – organized and grouped according to a modular design that allows the project adequate adaptability to different morphological constraints of relief, keeping the fundamental programmatic relationships and guided by principles of environmental comfort and sustainability. The partial lifting of the college program to a high floor favors the creation of areas of interior / exterior transition to permanent shade that associated with the application of green roofs reduce energy dependency of the building for the purpose of air conditioning. This investment worth more than 40 million euro has 10,700 sqm of of gross building area and surrounding areas with 54,600 sqm of different interventions to landscape and level of accessibility.


Ministério Comunicação Social Angola

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