Consulting and assistance services for the inspection of the works of the high speed railway line between Figueres and Perpiñan

The high speed line between Figueres and Perpiñan has a total length of 44.4 km, including 8.2 km of tunnel (24.6 km in French territory and 19.8 km in Spanish territory). The double-track line will be used both for passenger and freight transport.

For the tunnel construction, it was used a TBM (Double Shield Tunnel Boring Machine), suitable for rock and soil materials.

The tunnel lining was based on concrete segments (1.5 m long and 0.4 m wide). The rings follow a left/right system.

In the central part of the tunnel, an access gallery was built for the supervision of the works and soil treatments, as it was an area of difficult access.

For safety reasons, 41 cross-connection galleries were excavated between the main tunnels every 200 m, as well as 4 additional galleries for the equipment. These were built by using the conventional construction method. The main geological units of the route were: granite, gneiss and schist.

The inspection of the construction works included consulting services on tunnel problems and staff training on mechanization of underground works, emergency response and management of unexpected events in tunnels


Technical characteristics:

  • Concession: TPFerro
  • Constructor: Eiffage and Dragados
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Tunnel: two-tube tunnel with 8.70 m of clearance
  • Length: 8,200 m x 2
  • Inside area: 50 m2
  • Minimum radius: 8,000 m
  • Tunnel Boring Machines: 2 dual TBM (S-286/S-296)
  • Power: 4,900 kW
  • Breakdown torque: 29,000 kNm
  • Diameter: 9,960 mm


Ministere de l‘Equipement des Transports et du Logement (French Ministry of Public Works) – Ministerio de Fomento (Spanish Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2004 – 2009



Project Figures

Contract Value:
2,466,338.31 €