Detailed design of Leon – Asturias High-Speed Railway Line. Sections: Sotiello - Campomanes; Campomanes – Pola de Lena

Sotiello – Campomanes and Campomanes – Pola de Lena sections of the railway line have a total length of 4,319 m and 4,901 m, respectively. The first section starts at km 40 + 521, on the right track and at km 40 + 561 on the left one. The two single-track platforms are separated in order to allow the excavation of the tunnel with smaller cross-sections, due to the rock composition of the area.

The route runs immediately into Sotiello Tunnels: two single-track twin tunnels, with a 62 m2 cross-sectional area, and lengths of 926 m (left tunnel) and 918 m (right tunnel). Next, the route crosses River Teso by means of two parallel viaducts of 110 m and 134 m (Sotiello Viaducts) and enters the tunnels again. These tunnels are known as Teso Tunnels, with a length of 666 m (left one) and 470 m (right one). The route continues along Teso Viaducts (344 m and 369 m long) in the transition to the conventional double-track platform. The double-track platform starts at the Train Overtaking and Parking Post (PAET by its Spanish acronym) in Campomanes, where the route includes another viaduct at the end of Sotiello – Campomanes section.

Campomanes – Pola de Lena stretch starts at the end of the PAET, at Vega de Ciego Tunnel, which is 2,465 m long. Due to the existence of the double-track platform, in this section there is only one tunnel, with a cross-sectional area of 85 m2. At the end of the tunnel, Foraca Viaduct (70 m long) was built, connecting to Pico de Siero Tunnel (1,646 m long). After this last tunnel, the route reaches Pola de Lena through a 126 m viaduct and a connection area with the current RENFE line (National Network of Spanish Railways), with slurry walls. In Pola de Lena, it was necessary to extend the underpass of Road AS-230 and the overpass accessing the cemetery. The works finished at the station entrance.


ADIF (Spanish Railway Authority)

Project Dates

2007 – 2010


APIA XXI (50%)

Project Figures

Contract Value:
4,024,630.25 €