The purpose of this project was to conduct preliminary studies to identify the optimal route of the high speed railway between Spain and Portugal.

The contracted services included the feasibility study(phase 1)and the preliminary design(phase 2) of two sectionsofhigh-speed line: the Salamanca-Almeida section on theMadrid-Porto line and the Badajoz-Elvas section on the Madrid – Lisbon line.Bothsectionsare part of the Madrid-Lisbon / Porto Spanish –Portuguese rail link project.

The main technical featuresof the projectwere:

  • Electrified high speed double track, UIC gauge (1,435 mm)
  • Design speed:mixed traffic (passengers and freight)
  • Total length: 221.6 km (176.6 km on the Salamanca-Almeida link and 45.0 km on the Badajoz-Elvas link)



Project Dates


Project Figures

Project costs: 1,863,051 €
Construction value: 1,316,000,000 €