Supervision of the heightening of the Yesa dam, which will accordingly increase irrigation capacity for agricultural land.

The project essentially consists of the heightening of the existing gravity dam (built in 1959) with the construction of a concrete face gravel dam supported on the existing dam.

Main technical features:

  • Height of the existing gravity dam: 78.00 m
  • Height of the heightened dam: 108.00 m
  • Dam typology: concrete face gravel dam, supported on the existing dam
  • Volume of material: 3.3 MCM
  • Reservoir capacity: 1,079 MCM
  • Ground typology: Marl and Eocene Flysch
  • Basin Surface area: 2,170 Km²
  • Spillway types: uncontrolled and gated
  • Extreme flood flow: 4,833 m³/s
  • Maximum discharge rate: 2,268 m³/s


Ebro River Basin Authority

Project Dates




Project Figures

Project costs: 13,319,287 €
Construction value: 252,340,765 €