The Ecopole is a future industrial estate on the banks of the Sambre initiated by Igretec based on the concept of industrial ecology. There is a desire on the part of Igretec and by the players within Ecopole to install a heating network, in order to integrate green heating via a heating system right from the conceptual design of the new industrial estate.

The studies conducted by TPF-Utilities relate to the verification of the technical-economic suitability of the creation of a heating network, in consideration of existing and anticipated future needs.

  • The needs analysis in terms of heating for buildings and future industrial occupants of Ecopole as well as the neighbouring buildings, both industrial and municipal that may benefit from a heating network in the future.
  • An assessment of the existing energy production capacity as well as the potential for future energy production.
  • Determination of possible synergies between the various actors, within and outside Ecopole.
  • Analysis of relevance of the effective installation of an heating system based on data collected in the preceding phases. This includes the drafting of drawings of heating networks of different scopes, the determination of necessary investments and financial assistance that may be required, the various costs of operation (maintenance, monitoring, energy purchasing, etc.) as well as the various costs avoided, the determination of the pay-back period, environmental analysis…

A dossier covering all studies conducted as well as a report collating the conclusions was handed over at the end of the project.


Intercommunale pour la Gestion et la Réalisation d’Etudes Techniques et Economiques (Igretec)

Project Dates

2013 – 2014