The project relates to the realisation of a heating network, with the following principal characteristics:

  • Thermal energy recovery on the steam turbine (managed by Electrabel) coupled to the Neder-Over-Heembeek incinerator.
  • Realisation of a heating network supplying the Royal Palace of Laeken, Laeken glasshouses and the Belvedere. The palace is located approximately 1,500 m from the incinerator. The network must cross: the Brussels-Charleroi canal, the Chaussée de Vilvorde, the Palace park and the Avenue du Parc Royal.
  • Realisation of a heat recovery loop between the various glasshouses must be supplied either by heat from the incinerator or operating independently on boilers on site.
  • Connection of the Néo Project to the heating network at the Heysel site.

The studies conducted by TPF-Utilities relate to:

  • The technical feasibility of heat recovery on the steam turbines linked to the incinerator.
  • The dimensioning and installation of a heating distribution network to the glasshouses, including the dimensioning of the circulators and the softened water production system.
  • The dimensioning of the heat exchangers supplying the 9 consumption points.
  • Adaptation of the hydraulic systems of the boiler rooms.
  • Financial estimate of investments to be granted.
  • Proposed regulatory agreements for the exchange of heat.
  • Thermal and financial impact of the connection of the Néo project to the heating network coming from the incinerator.


Bruxelles Energie

Project Dates

2012 – 2013