Management and quality control of the construction of three buildings to accommodate the Health Campus of the University of Granada, i.e., the Central Services Building, the Medical School and the School of Healthcare Sciences, as well as of site development works.

The Health Campus occupies a plot of 625,000 m2 and comprises three differentiated areas:

  • The Central Services building has a total floor space of 18,223.67 m2, with two above- ground floors and 1 floor below ground. This building can be seen as a group of buildings connected by a roof area, offering a view of 7 individual volumes.
  • The Medical School building has a total floor space of 42,680.00 m2, with 11 above-ground floors and 2 floors below ground. The building is made up of three tower-like volumes. Each tower is made up of a horizontal band of two floors plus a lower ground floor. The three volumes are interconnected by walkways.
  • The School of Healthcare Sciences building has a total floor space of 15,746.00 m2, with 11 above-ground floors and 2 below grade. The building consists of a single tower-like volume from the 3rd to the 10th floors, on top of a bar-shaped volume along the entire length of the plot.

The developed site occupies an area of 100,214.80 m2.

General energy efficiency criteria:

  • Efficient design of the building envelope components and the HVAC systems; reduction of power consumption for lighting.
  • Use of thermal panels with vacuum tubes for the production of sanitary hot water.
  • Use of natural light (skylights in the roof and landscaped indoor patios)
  • Use of recycled materials (aluminum, porcelain stoneware, and rubber);
  • Landscape design with suitable indigenous species to reduce the use of irrigation water.


University of Granada – Office of Heritage and Infrastructure

Project Dates

2009 – 2015


AYNOVA, S.A.U. (50%)

Project Figures

Amount of contract:
2.4 M€

Amount of works:
110 M€