Supervision of the BRT Component. Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project - Section length: 15 km.

The main purpose of this project is to increase urban mobility in targeted areas of Hanoi by doubling the public transport system into two different corridors. The long-term objective is to promote a shift to more environmentally-sustainable transport modes and urban development plans that may be replicated throughout the region and country.

The project is divided into three key components:

  • Component 1: The Bus Rapid Transit Component (BRT) supports the creation of segregated bus lanes and the construction of BRT stops, interchange stations and maintenance facilities, as well as the acquisition of BRT vehicles. It finances the analysis of different alternatives for the management of demand in Hanoi to handle with ownership issues and to reach appropriate levels of private motorized transport. This component also supports the establishment of an innovative BRT management system, including bus ticketing and financial control.
  • Component 2: The Road Infrastructure and Sustainable Urban Planning Component includes the construction of a section of the Second Ring Road (RR2) between Nhat Tan Bridge and Cau Giay, on the western stretch of said road.
  • Component 3: The Institutional Development Component includes: equipment procurement and technical assistance to strengthen Air Quality Management; traffic safety support; establishment and strengthening of a new Public Transport Authority; support to transport planning and policy development; financing of replication actions; support to project management for the GEF project and fostering of project monitoring skills.

The 15-km BRT route will operate from Kim Ma to Yen Nghia. The system will include: BRT stops along the route, a terminal station, two interchange stations, a bus depot, the vehicles and all the rest of the equipment. The Consultant will supervise the construction works and the equipment installation.


Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project Management Unit (HUTDPMU)

Project Dates

2012 – 2014



Project Figures

Contract Value:  1,642,588 USD