Haiphong Urban Transport Development Project. Consulting services for the detailed design, procurement support and supervision of the construction works for road infrastructures, bus stops and depots

Haiphong infrastructures and basic services are poorly developed, especially in the case of public transport. The Vietnamese Government aims to implement the Haiphong Urban Transport Project for the 2011-2016 period, which is divided into three components:

  • A Component: Urban Main Road Development
  • B Component: Public Transport Improvement
  • C Component: Capacity-Building

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Improve accessibility to Haiphong
  • Demonstrate the potential of improved public transport operations
  • Strenghthen capacities for urban transport management and planning

The bus corridor infrastructure will be composed of:

  • Bus passenger shelters / Bus stops to be newly constructed along the pilot bus route
  • Construction of a bus transfer terminal, bus depots and a parking lot at An Lao
  • Improvement of traffic safety along the bus route
  • Upgrading of sidewalks and curbs


Project Management Unit of Regional Transport Works (PNURTW)

Project Dates

2012 – 2016

Project Figures

Contract Value:
351,401 USD