The GRE Liège launched a contract to conduct quick scans in more than 120 buildings of the province.
The buildings are located in Liège, Oupeye, Beyne Heusay, Bassenge, Verviers, Seraing, Herstal and at the Liège airport.

They are sports halls, schools, administrative premises, crèches, etc.

The surface areas vary from 400 to 35,000 m².

According to the buildings, TPF-Utilities has to conduct quick scans which cover three different aspects:


  • Make an inventory of the existing situation with the number of light fittings, type of light fitting, and their management mode if any (detector, etc.).
  • Make improvement proposals with installing TL or LED lamps and presence detector or dusk sensors.
  • Cost the investment for these modifications.


  • Make an inventory of the existing situation by determining the efficiency of production, distribution and transmission.
  • List possible improvements, by costing the investment to be agreed and the gain in efficiency terms.

Building envelope

  • Make an inventory of the existing situation by determining the heat transfer coefficient of the walls (walls, window, roof, etc.) and surfaces.
  • Determine the investment to improve the insulation coefficient of the walls and evaluate the energy gain following modification of the heat transfer coefficient.


GRE (Economic Redeployment Group) of Liège

Project Dates