The Musée Curtius forms part of the museum complex bringing together the museum of religious art and mosan art, the museum of weapons and the museum of glass. This grouping of museums is known as the Grand Curtius. It is located at Quai de Maestricht, on Féronstrée, in the city of Liège. The task of TPF-U relates to the maintenance and repair work under full warranty of all of the following equipment:

  • fire detection system (425 units);
  • intruder detection system (105 units);
  • access control;
  • CCTV cameras (300 units);
  • automatic doors and fire doors, retainers, electric door strikes;
  • message tannoy system (115 public address speakers);
  • outlets;
  • RF woodwork

24/7 on-call service is ensured.


Liège city

Project Dates

2013 – 2023