Gaundalim bridge, constructed using a rare bridge building procedure, is a landmark project at Goa

The Gaundalim Bridge will connect Gaundalim on the Old Goa side to the Cumbharjua island and is a 400 meter long bridge at Goa, India. What makes this project unique, is the 250 tonne steel prefabricated arch of the bridge that was lifted and then placed on the piers of the bridge. This entire process took around 20 days and is one of the rarest bridges building procedures in the world. This is the first time that such a feat has been attempted in India and that makes this project a landmark one for TPFEPL. The bridge superstructure is in steel and substructure is in concrete. The bridge will have two lanes, with a 7.5m carriageway. There will be footpaths of 1.5m on either side.


Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (GSIDC)

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Project costs: INR 439.7 Million