Development of conception and construction projects, feasibility studies, basic studies, supervision of engineering works and implementation of the Environmental and Sanitation Education of the Garrincho Aqueduct System and Independent Water Systems of Caracol and Fartura on Piauí State, with BIRD resources.

On the scope of the Garrincho Aqueduct Project, a series of engineering studies were developed, featuring the conception and construction projects; feasibility studies of the aqueduct system; topography, geotechnical studies and bathymetry; implementation of the Environmental Education Program; and, finally, the supervision of engineering works of the Garrincho Aqueduct System, located at the Piauí State.

The Garrincho Aqueduct System starts from the Petrônio Portela Reservoir, travelling a distance of, approximately, 190 kilometers. The aforementioned system will benefit a population of 56 thousand people with water supply, with an yield of 128 liters per second and an estimated construction cost of R$ 21.000.000,00 (21 million Brazilian Reais). The implementation of this aqueduct system has as its objective to solve the hydric scarcity problem of eight cities, directly. The engineering project designed a water catchment structure, adduction of raw water, reservation, treatment and distribution to the target population of the project. In addition, it was also designed the expansion of the Fartura Reservoir and the production capacity of five water wells of the Water System Caracol. Also, it was designed more 20 water wells with catchment, reservation and distribution systems.



Project Dates

06/2006 – 12/2006

Project Figures

Contract value : 454,665.00 €