The objective of the study is the designing of an installation with integrated, polyvalent character to ease the intermodality of the rail-road transport. The current station of Vicálvaro which operates as a center of receiving/shipping and regulation of railway circulations nowadays will be completely refurbished, and a center devoted to intermodal transport will be designed.

The current station of Vicálvaro is devoted to receiving/shipping and regulation of railway circulations. It was originally designed as a classification yard, with three yards (receiving, classification and dispatching) placed one behind the other. This configuration, corresponding to the functionality for which it was intended, is not adapted to the current requirements in freight transport.

The project addresses a complete refurbishment of the station, to turn it into a logistics center for intermodal transport. The current containers station of Abroñigal is planned to be moved to the new terminal of Vicálvaro.

The works that have been undertaken are:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Study of the needs
  • Proposal of the design alternatives and Multi-criteria Analysis
  • Functional detailed study (geology, topographic survey, design of the freight complex, capacity analysis-both tracks and containers-, staged process, economic assessment)

The proposed solution which will be implemented in four stages is divided in three yards, one behind the other. The logistic area, placed in the middle yard, is divided into two areas (East and West) as well. Each one of the two areas has four tracks with a gantry crane.

The technical yards are located at the two ends of the station. Each one of the yards has 18 tracks.

Besides those main yards, there have been planned other ones devoted to locomotives storage, rail movements or main tracks. There is also a specific yard for loading and unloading general freight.


ADIF (Railway Infrastructure Administration)

Project Dates


Project Figures

  • Contract Value: 215,700 € (VAT incl.)
  • Estimated economic assessment (complete solution): 356.62 million € (VAT and land acquisition incl.)