The Fronteiras Dam Project aims to answer the water demand of the Crateús Municipality and its more than 70 thousand inhabitants. This Dam intercepts the Poty river, an important federal river that crosses the aforementioned municipality. The Environmental Impact Assessment Study was developed in accordance with the most contemporaneous environmental and technical criteria possible, as stated by the environmental legislation of Brazil, Ceará State and Crateús Municipality, with the objective to comply with the guidelines stated in the Reference Term emitted by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources), organization responsible for the environmental license of construction works in federal jurisdiction. This study aims to be a technical and legal instrument capable of promoting the compatibility of the socio-economic development with the preservation of environmental quality and ecologic balance, as well as the conservation of the environmental resources, with the purpose of guarantee the sustainable usage of these resources, fomenting the implementation of the Fronteiras Dam Project with sustainability, benefiting more than 70 thousand inhabitants by offering water supply.



Project Dates

10/2014 – 10/2017

Project Figures

Contract value : 3,454,344.03 €