The City of Atalayoun makes part of the Marchica lagoon development project.

The site of Atalayoun was the first site to be developed.

The company ATALAYOUN GOLF RESORT S.A has launched technical and architectural studies on the development of the first phase of the project. These studies cover the Golf Academy residences and the North Hill residences.

The purpose of the program is to schedule, control and coordinate (OPC mission) the studies and the construction of the second part of the first phase of the City of Atalayoun development. For all building trades.

The area to be developed concerns the Fringe Hill Project of the City of Atalayoun consisting of a series of villas and multi-family residences.

Built-up area of about 75 000 sqm.


Marchica Med

Project Dates

2013 – 2016


Architects: G3A & RRA