The Hydroelectric Development of Teles Pires River Basin is currently in implementation phase, on the border of the States of Pará and Mato Grosso. The construction of the Plant began in 2014 in Jacareacanga (PA), 125 Km from Paranaíta (MT). In the operation phase, the installed power will be 700 MW, providing 400.5 MW of energy, which is enough to supply to a city of around 2.5 million people.

In July 2015, Synergia performed a socioeconomic diagnosis in the Area of Direct Influence (AID) of the development, in the rural area of Jacareacanga (PA), involving a census research at São Benedito Tract, a Directly Affected Area (ADA). The purpose was to define a socioeconomic and cultural profile of the AID’s population of the development, as well as to evaluate the need to complement material loss and damages repair programs and to promote the improvement life conditions of the local residents.

The work in progress aims to continue the diagnosis and develop measures focused on the formation of Work Groups (WG) from Paranaíta and Alta Floresta, in Mato Grosso, and Jacareacanga, in Pará, according to provisions of the Social Integration and Communication Environmental Program of the Basic Environmental Project of UHE São Manoel, promoting approximation and interchange between developer and its target public.


  • Compliance with requirements of the environment supervisory body;
  • Promotion of a good relationship between the development and AID’s communities by the consolidation of debate and communication channels;
  • Information spread on developer’s measure to the public, measures in the physical, biotic and socioeconomic environment, including those related to the construction of UHE São Manoel;
  • Organization and coordination of Work Groups’ meetings (WG), making use of communication tools that facilitate the debate and comprehension of the subjects covered;
    Organization and guide of presentations to be prepared by members of the ESSM Technical Committee.




Project Dates

2016 – 2018