Assistance services to conduct a flood risk study and demarcate the public water territory of the rivers at the Miño-Sil Basin.

The works included in the Flood Risk Study And Demarcation Of Public Water Territory Of The Rivers At The Miño-Sil Basin are framed within the National Mapping System of Flood Risk Areas in order to meet current legislation in terms of flooding (RD 9/2008 and RD 903/2010). The main objective of the project is to study the flood potential of 750 km of rivers in the Miño-Sil Basin, which have been previously chosen by their high risk of flooding. For this purpose, the study covers an area of 17,570 km², with 22,000 km of rivers and a population of 833,333 inhabitants.


Dirección General del Agua (Directorate General for Water) Ministerio de Medio Ambiente (Ministry of Environment)

Project Dates

2009 – 2013



Project Figures

Contract Value:
2,225,955.10 €