Flood Risk Management Plan for Marina Alta (Alicante)

The main purpose of the Flood Risk Management Plan is to collect all the necessary information in order to deal with the problem of flooding in Marina Alta region and establish some structural and non-structural actions to anticipate possible scenarios resulting from flood potential risk and to mitigate the impact on the population and associated damages.

The Directive 2007/60/CE of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2007, on the assessment and management of flood risks, together with the Royal Decree 903/2010 of 9 July, which transposes this Directive to the Spanish legislation, constitute the legal framework of the Master Plan.

The services provided included:

  • Compilation of basic information from the authorities involved
  • Fieldwork (tachymeter survey)
  • Geomorphological survey
  • Inventory of flood risk areas
  • Environmental study and documentation. Strategic Environmental Assessment: preparation of the Environmental Sustainability Report
  • Compilation of urban data
  • Rainfall survey. The survey has been conducted by generating synthetic storms that represented Marina Alta rainfall conditions with the RAINGEN Program of the Valencia Technical University. They have been calibrated with real data provided by the Automatic Hydrological Information System of the Júcar Water Authority.
  • Hydrological study
  • Hydraulic study
  • Vulnerability assessment. Determining flood risk areas and potential damage
  • Study of solutions


Dirección General del Agua (Directorate General for Water). Ministerio de Medio Ambiente (Ministry of Environment) Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar (Júcar Water Authority)

Project Dates

2009 – 2012


INYPSA (50%)

Project Figures

Contract Value:
1,186,105.80 €