Projects of water distribution and sewage collection systems for the municipalities of Acopiara, Parambu, Quixadá and Crateús, all located in the State of Ceará, benefiting more than 150 thousand inhabitants with sanitation services

The Piauí State is located in a geographic region of transition between the Northeast Semiarid and the Pre-Amazonic Sub-Humid at the boundary of this state with Maranhão State. However, the dominant climate is that of semiarid regions in the central, northeast and southeast areas of the state (near the border with Ceará, Pernambuco and Bahia states). Therefore, it is in this context that 25 municipalities are in, characterized by being a dry region with negative hydric balance, where the 5 Aqueducts project will benefit the population of all these municipalities with water.

This project is on the scope of the PROÁGUAS, a Brazilian Government program that aims the efficient management of water resources as well as the implementation of much needed hydric works. In the scope of the  5 Aqueduct Project, construction projects of all the 5 aqueducts were developed for the 25 municipalities on the countryside of Piauí State. The 5 aqueducts designed are called: Jenipapo, Algodões II, Pedra Redonda, Salinas e Poços. Each of these systems has a water source to make the project viable. Moreover, in these projects the catchment, adduction, pumping stations, storage tanks and treatment plants of water were developed.

In addition to the construction projects, economic studies and management plans for each aqueduct system designed were made.

Finally, to comply with the environmental law, environmental studies were also developed to ensure the sustainable implementation of these projects.



Project Dates

09/2013 – 06/2014

Project Figures

Contract value : 2,341,721.55 €