N'Gaoundéré is the end node of TransCam Railway and waypoint for freight towards the Tchad, so in this city numerous logistical transhipment of goods between rail and road are made and transport support services are demanded for improving road transport safety and reduce the costs of the logistics chain. Currently the logistics equipment is deficient and dispersed through the city. The project has to develop a multimodal area that allows the provision of all necessary services in one location.

The project consists of a thorough technical analysis of all parameters that present an opportunity for the introduction of a logistics area in N’Gaoundéré, and the influence of this infrastructure in the logistics transport system of CEMAC region.

Thus, a platform current status analysis, its condition and management model was carried out; administrations and organizations involved in the operation of the platform were identified, and program requirements established for the new area.

After making the diagnosis of the current situation of freight transport in Cameroon hypotheses for future growth in freight transport were established and future needs of the area proposed. That was used to conduct an analysis of alternatives, out of which a recommended solution was obtained.

The chosen solution was developed to a preliminary design approach and management and funding models were proposed. Technical documents for project tendering based on the developed design and the proposed management model were drafted.


  • Ministerio de Obras Públicas de Camerún (Cameroon’s Public Works Ministry)
  • Banco Africano de Desarrollo (African Bank for Development)

Project Dates

2010 – 2013

Project Figures

Contract : 385,004 €