Feasibility study and preliminary design for Santa Ana International Airport

Santa Ana Airport is located in Cagayan province (north Luzon). It is intended to meet the needs of Cagayan northern municipalities and expected to promote economic activities in the area while strengthening the scope of CEZA strategic objective, which aims to provide a safe, efficient and reliable public transport system. It will also make easier for national and foreign investors to explore the natural resources of the area, which have great potential for development and consist of rich agricultural areas, forests, grasslands and marine and inland resources. Initial works involved the collection of all existing information in order to determine the conditions expected for the proposed locations. A deep analysis of the collected data is required to plan additional actions, especially those regarding meteorological records.


Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA)

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ACA Aviación – Engineering and Development Corporation of the Philippines

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Contract Value:  360,340 €