Feasibility study for Valladolid - León Highway (Highway A-60). N-601 Road. Section: Villanubla - Santas Martas. Section length: 89.070 km

Feasibility study and environmental impact assessment for the section Villanublas – Santas Martas of Highway A-60 (Valladolid – León). The project was divided into three phases:

Phase A: Definition of the area of study and qualification of said area from an environmental point of view. Determining the potential routes for the highway (study was done at a scale of 1:150000 and 1:25000). Preparation of a report for environmental consultation.

Phase B: Study of alternatives (1:5000 scale), including: (i) Analysis of the previous situation and basic data (environmental, socioeconomic and physical information); (ii) cartography (1:5000); (iii) geometrical design of alternatives; (iv) traffic study; (v) geological and geotechnical surveys; (vi) study of materials; (vii) studies on weather, hydrology and drainage; (viii) alignment; (ix) urban planning; (x) cross-sections and earthworks, (xi) tunnels and structures; (xii) land acquisition and affected utilities; (xiii) environmental assessment of alternatives; (xiv) Bill of Quantities and budget estimates for each alternative; (xv) financial profitability study; (xvi) multi-criteria analysis; (xvii) selection of the most appropriate alternative and road subdivisions and (xviii) Environmental Impact Assessment.

Phase C: Collaboration with the Directorate General for Roads in the public information procedure and in the subsequent study of claims. Environmental impact assessment and final approval of the study


Dirección General de Carreteras (Directorate General for Roads). Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development)

Project Dates

2005 – 2010


Contract Value:
1,204,640 USD