The contract covers the management and optimisation of the technical systems (HVAC, electricity and plumbing) of 16 civic buildings:

Stadhuis (town hall), Strandreddingsdienst (beach rescue service), ’t Loft, BODI, Brislam, CC De Benne, SAMW, Kaartjeshuisje Roesschaert, Polyvalente zaal De Pekelput (multifunctional hall), Carnavalloods (Carnival Warehouse) – Loods NMBS (Warehouse SNCB), Kerkhof (churchyard), Fuiflokaal De Kreukel (party centre), Repetitielokaal (rehearsal room) De Kokkel, Plantsoendienst (gardens service), Bibliotheek (library) and the Belle Epoque Centre.



Project Dates

2015 – 2020