Technical assistance services for the supervision of the construction works of the extension of the parking lot and roads in A Coruña Airport

The main goal of the project was the construction of the P1 parking lot of the new underground parking facilities, with a total area of 72,036 m2 distributed in four storeys (one ground floor and three basements), with a capacity for 1,977 vehicles. In this way, it holds 1,675 vehicles under the ground level and 240 parking spaces for rental cars and 62 spaces available for limited hourly parking on the ground floor.

The parking lot is located in front of the Terminal Building and under the current parking facilities.

During the works, two more parking lots were built (known as P2 and P3) in order to maintain the number of available parking spaces during the construction of the new bay. They had an area of 28,800 m2, with a capacity for 756 vehicles.


AENA (Spanish Airports Authority)

Project Dates

2008 – 2011



Project Figures

Contract Value:
1,252,497.94 €