Elaboration of the Environmental Sanitation Plan of the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, where thirteen municipalities are belonged to, with a population that surpasses the three million and five hundred Thousand inhabitants. This plan was developed for the Project and Studies Institute (IEPRO, in Portuguese), in agreement with the National Health Foundation (FUNASA, in Portuguese).

The Environmental Sanitation Plan of the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza (PSARMF, in Portuguese) has the goal of unify the different public spheres (federal, municipal and state) along with the entities that represent the civil society, favoring the direct participation of the community, aiming to stablish a global commitment with the public health in accordance with the sustainable development for this metropolitan region composed of the municipalities of Fortaleza, Caucaia, Eusébio, Aquiraz, Maranguape, São Gonçalo do Amarante, Chorozinho, Pacatuba, Guaiúba, Horizonte, Itaitinga e Pacajus.


This Plan is formed of five phases:

  • Phase I: Diagnostic of the basic sanitation public services;
  • Phase II: Prognostic and studies of alternatives;
  • Phase III: Scheduling;
  • Phase IV: Participation of the society in the development of the plan;
  • Phase V: Information system of the Environmental Sanitation Plan.



Project Dates

10/2006 – 10/2007

Project Figures

Contract value : 1,261,728.00 €