The Environmental Education and Social Communication Program (PEACS) of the Small Hydroelectric Plant (Bahia PCH I) Sítio Grande is intended to the compliance with an environmental request so that the development may obtain its operation license (LO).

The power production of PCH Sítio Grande of the municipality of São Desidério is allocated by the Electricity Company of the State of Bahia (COELBA) from the substation of Hydroelectric Plant Alto Fêmeas.

Synergia develops, for this development, several environmental education campaigns, with several activities to each one of them, based on various methodologies, according to the didactic sequence proposed by the client.

The campaigns were grouped in five specific projects, designed for each type of target public: school community; communities in general (local residents, whether leaderships or not); and public managers. The specific projects are:

  • Environmental Education  Project for the School Community;
  • Environmental Scene Project;
  • Provincial Aesthetics Project;
  • Environmental Education Workshops Project for the Community;
  • Training in Public Environmental Management Project.

The consultancy also performs pedagogical measures focused on communities of the Municipality of São Desidério: Sítio Grande, Derocal, Penedo, Riacho de Pedra, Cipó, Boqueirão e Morrão, based on the premise of continuing the necessary improvements to the teaching-learning processes already developed by PCH I over the previous years.  The activities meet the concept of continued education, giving the Program a permanent character, capable of contributing to a progressive improvement of environmental consciousness of its participants.



Project Dates

2015 – 2018