Within the context of ecozoning, SPI wanted to assess the opportunity to install a combined heat and power generation unit in the Hermalle sous Huy/Engis business zone.

The main consumers would be the companies Knauf, Carmeuse, Prayon, Hydrométal, Revatech and Recyfuel.

The task of TPF-Utilities is twofold:

  • To conduct a study that aims to explore the opportunities to install a combined heat and power generation unit. The study includes:
    • evaluation of the heat requirement;
    • evaluation of the electricity requirement;
    • dimensioning the combined heat and power generation unit;
    • dimensioning and installation of a heating distribution network
    • dimensioning of an electricity distribution network
    • financial estimate of the investment;
    • financial estimate of operating costs.
  • To evaluate the structure needed for the distribution of the energy produced to the beneficiaries in line with regulatory aspects currently in force or introduced in future.



Project Dates

2013 – 2014