Realization of 3 energy studies: a study to analyze the opportunity of a CHP-system, a study for a CHP-system coupled with a district heating and a technical study about a photovoltaic system.

PV Study:

  • Technical studyfor the establishment ofa photovoltaic systemon the building50 (footprint of + /- 2.000 m²).
  • Writingtechnical clausesof the specification
  • Analysis andassistance inobtaininggrants andexisting premiums


  • Energy Modellinganddesignwith the softwareCOGENsim.
  • Study to analyze the opportunity of a CHP-system inBuilding 50.

District heating:

  • Defining andmodelingenergy profilesofconsumers and producers ofenergy.
  • Technical and financial analysisfor the installation ofa CHPcoupled witha district heatingsupplying5 buildings.


Liège Airport SA

Project Dates

2012 – 2013