The new El Salvador Hospital is a hospital complex in Santiago de Chile, with a surface area of 92,057 m². It will have capacity for 641 beds and will serve a population of about 500,000 people.

This complex encompasses 3 functional areas:

Hospital del Salvador: This facility comprises In-patient units, Intensive Care Unit, Pavilions and Emergency Area.

Ambulatory Care: It features Outpatient Consultation rooms, Procedures, Physical Medicine Unit, Diagnostic Imaging Unit and Mental Health Unit.

National Geriatric Institute: This facility includes an In-patient area, Consultation Rooms and Physical Medicine Unit.

When operational, this hospital is expected to offer 370,000 consultations, 31,000 inpatient admissions, 19,000 major surgeries and 5,000 minor surgeries per year.

Diverse strategies have been adopted for the design of the hospital facilities in order to reduce seismic vulnerability, such as structural isolation systems (739 elastomeric isolators and 81 sliders), and specific design criteria for access paths, circulation paths, systems and architectural elements.

The complex features the following systems:

–     Transformer unit: 8,260 kVA

–     Electric generating set: 8,150 kVA

–     Heating power: 4,200 kW

–     Cooling power: 3,575 kW



Project Dates

Design period:
2014 – 2016

Construction period:
2016 – 2019

Project Figures

Estimated construction cost:

249,072,891.27 €