The building, with a gross building area of 1425 m2, comprises one ground floor, surrounded by gardens that separate the Imaging Service from the Laboratory Area, in order to improve the functionality of the two services.

In terms of program distribution, the aim was to position the public service areas (reception, cafeteria, security), common areas (staff changing rooms), and the administration area close the entrance, connecting the two sides of the building, in order to minimize distances.

Furthermore, the decision was made to concentrate the Imaging Exam Rooms next the sub-waiting area, intended to users. The functional layout of the clinic allows for further expansions, in order to integrate new services or upgrade existing services, without affecting the rest of the organization.

With the consistency and simplicity of the architectural language in mind concerning construction solutions, (plaster on cement block masonry walls separated by an air gap with thermal insulation), systems were introduced that try to avoid direct sunlight coming through the windows and heating the facades, in particular: the placement of the window frames on the inside face of the walls, installing external shading on the most exposed windows, and the use of perforated metal sheets on the roof, framing and protecting the main entrance and the cafeteria.


Governo Provincial de Lunda Norte


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TPF Angola / TPF Planege Cenor