The Joint Association of drinking water production and waste treatment of Gers (Trigone) has appointed TPF-i for the construction of a drinking water plant which minimum production capacity is 500 m³ / h and 11 000 m³ / day in the commune of Montegut-sur-Arros.

This new facility will replace the five existing treatment plants used by 4 vending water communities part of Trigone which are old and would need a rehabilitation.

The proposed production facilities therefore aim at creating a new production facility comprising:

  • water intake and upstream pumping station (700 m³ / h: 2 pumps) enabling the transfer of raw water for filling the storage basin from the Arros River
  • storage basin with minimum total volume of 22,000 m³, which aforementioned supply station can be stopped in case of accidental pollution or excessive turbidity of the resource,
  • downstream pumping station, transferring water from the storage basin to the treatment plant,
  • treatment plant with minimum capacity of 500 m³ / h and 11 000 m³ / day (which conception will be proposed by the companies based on the technical program established by the main consulting engineer),
  • connecting pipes (Ø400 mm over 1 400 linear meters) between the pumping stations, the storage basins and the treatment-pumping station,
  • waste treatment facility.



Project Dates

2010 – 2014


DUMONS Ingénierie

Project Figures

Amount of works:
7,500,000 €