Located along the canal of Brussels on the former site of the Godin stove factory, the oldest industrial activity in Brussels, this new retail center will occupy a total area of 56,000 m². It will feature shops, bars and restaurants (41,000 m²) as well as recreational and cultural activities and events (15,000 m²). The leisure area will consist of an indoor recreation park, a new events area of 2,800 m² with a capacity for 1,500 persons and a VIP cinema (7 screens) of 1,000 seats operated by Belga Films. A gigantic skylight will almost entirely cover the Docks Bruxsel building. On the environmental side, energy management will be achieved from locally available resources. A series of environmental criteria have been taken into account during construction and reflect the ambition of Docks Bruxsel to win the “excellent” rating in BREEAM certification. It would be the first time a shopping center achieves that rating in Europe. This new area will become one of the most accessible shopping malls of the Brussels Region. Finally, in order to use the resources and facilities available on the site, priority will be given to the transport of goods by waterway.