The Capibaribe River Basin stands out for the great importance of its estuary since colonial times. However, this water body has been much affected by men with the discharge of organic and inorganic pollutants, being prominent the impact causes by urbanization on its surroundings. The project aims to identify and register users of basin water, in order to support planning and control measures.

The aim of the services proposed is the performance of diagnosis and registration of users of Capibaribe River Basin’s superficial water, seeking to indicate the daily volume taken by each user of the Basin, and whether the volume taken is the maximum production capability or just the current removal, taking into consideration the seasonality related to volumes taken in each month of the year.

The work will be performed throughout the Capibaribe River Hydrographic Basin, located in the Northeast Region of the State of Pernambuco, covering an area of 7,454.88 Km, running through 42 municipalities, of which 15 are entirely within the basin and 26 have their headquarters there.

The registration will aimed to users of superficial water and accumulated water of all the basin reservoirs, excluding from the group of users those who use water exclusively from the local utility and who discharge effluents also in the public water system.


Pernambuco State Government – Economic Development Department – SDEC

Project Dates

2017 – 2018


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