The regional road no. 732 was brought back to life. Car drivers and cyclists can now use this road with more comfort and in complete safety

The objective of this project was three-fold: to make the technical parameters of regional road no. 732 comply with the class C standards, to increase its capacity to make it comply with the requirements determined by the KR – category 4 traffic classification and finally, to correct the geometrical deficiencies of the road. Amongst work carried out, we should list: the demolition of the existing pavement structure and the construction of a new pavement structure along with the foundation, the construction of new roundabouts and the reconstruction of some intersections, the constructions of inlet cross roads, new culverts under crown roads, cross roads and exits, the construction of new sidewalks, exits, bus bays and parking spaces and the improvements to the drainage system, road markings and vertical road.


MZDW Warsaw

Project Dates

2009 – 2011

Project Figures

Project costs: ca 10.5 MEUR