Development of feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment and construction project of the Integration Axis of Ibiapaba, in the State of Ceará, involving the engineering works of Lontras and Inhuçu Dams, as well as the Ibiapaba Irrigation Project

The contract of the Ibiapaba’s Integration Axis involved the elaboration of the construction projects of the Lontras and Inhuçu Dams, both having as its purpose to guarantee the water supply, irrigation and industrial water use of the Croatá City and the districts of São José das Lontras and Barra do Sotero. The Lontras Dam was designed with its hydraulic basin of more than 2 thousand hectares, while the Inhuçu Dam was designed with a smaller hydraulic basing of, approximately, 400 hectares.

Furthermore, this contract also encompassed the the development of an irrigation project in a area of 3000 hectares, allowing the usage of intensive irrigation and, consequently, foment the economic growth on the region.

The region that will receive the aforementioned projects has a steady populational growth, emphasizing the deficiency of the basic sanitation, which will inevitably result in socioenvironmental degradation of the local area. Therefore, the Integration Axis Project of Ibiapaba has the purpose of improve the water supply in the region, as well as pomote the generation of employment and income with the execution of the Lontras and Inhuçu dams, and also the Irrigation Project.

Finally, with the aim to implement these engineering projects with environmental responsibility and to be in accordance with the current environmental legislation, it was also elaborated the environmental impact assessment study of the aforementioned projects.



Project Dates

02/2011 – 02/2012

Project Figures

Contract value : 1,145,746.65 €