Drobeta Turnu Severin Port has been selected for a location study to determine the opportunity to develop an intermodal transport centres within its premises, given the port connections to roads and railway

Intermodal transport allows smooth combination of various advantages given by each transport way, such as flexibility of road transport, high capacity of railways, reduce costs of naval transport and speed of aerian transport.

Selection of Drobeta Turnu Severin Port as intermodal transport centre took into account the advantages as first Romanian port on Danube, the status of the city as municipality, the commercial activities developed within the port premises, close connection on road with Serbia, close connection on road with Bulgaria and the rest of the Balkans, on-river connection with the other downstream Romanian ports on Danube, as well as its location at the intersection of several Pan-European Transport corridors on road, railway and river.


National Company “Adminstration of River Danube Ports”

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Contract value: 65,685.00 lei (14,500.00 euro)