Vale is currently implementing the largest project of the company since its creation: The S11D project, in the municipal district of Carajás (PA), which is expect to extract 90 million tons of iron ore a year.

In order to undertake this large enterprise, it is necessary to invest in the expansion of the logistics capacity, such as in the transportation of the production by rail – more specifically the Ferro Carajás (EFC) Railway – and through Ponta da Madeira Port Terminal, in the state of Maranhão, from where the ore is exported. In this context, in 2013, Synergia was hired to develop and implement an assistance plan for the assisted displacement of the families and betterments in the land area of Ferro Carajás railway (EFC), in the municipal district of Marabá (PA).  The expansion works are necessary to ensure the operational safety of the railway transport as well as of the communities that will directly affected.  With the support of Synergia, Vale conducts the negotiation process to promote the adhesion of the families to the plan, while providing technical support to the inhabitants, so that the most appropriate housing solution to those affected by the project is found. The process also includes the inspection of the properties to be acquired in order to enable the assisted compensation process. After the families move to their new homes, Synergia’s technicians will be developing a socioeconomic monitoring program.  The integration and inclusion of the families in the new environments seeks to, besides mitigating possible impacts, maintaining the existing social and economic relationships.


Vale S/A

Project Dates

2013 – 2015