Synergia, in partnership with the Mozambican company Verde Azul, is providing consulting and technical assistance to Maputo City Council in the regularization processes of the DUATs ((Right of Use and Enjoyment of Land) in the per-urban areas of the city, including the development of an appropriate and effective methodology to register and delimitate the plots intended for the inhabitants.

This program involves nine neighborhoods with pre-approved Partial Urbanization Plans (PPU): Zimpeto, Magoanine A, B and C, Albazine, Mahotas, Laulane, Ferroviario e 3 de Fevereiro de 2013. Before the application of the methodology in the abovementioned neighborhoods, a pilot experience will be carries out in a specific intervention area (with 4000 DUATs) to be defined together with Maputo City Council and the World Bank. The specific objectives of this consultancy work are: Analysis of the documents and previous experiences on the regularization of DUATs in the institutional, legal, operational, financial and socio-economic aspects; (ii) Development of a methodology for the city to carry out the regularization of the DUATs on a massive scale; and (iii) Provide technical assistance to the city in the implementation of the pilot phase.


Maputo City Council / World Bank

Project Dates

2013 – 2015


Verde Azul