The Villa Rica – Puerto Bermúdez Road belongs to the National Road PE-5N (known as the “Longitudinal Northern Forest Road”) and has an approximate length of 110.88 km. It is divided in two sections: Villa Rica (km 0+000) – Dv. Iscozacín (km 56+700) & Dv. Iscozacín (km 56+700) – Puerto Bermúdez (km 110+800)

The aim of this project is to determine the road axis and identify problems that may arise during the construction works as well as their possible solutions, environmental impact mitigation measures, detailed design, Bill of Quantities, construction methods, costs and budget, etc.

The contract includes: traffic study; georeferencing; land survey; geometric design; road safety; traffic signing and road marking; soil mapping, pavement and quarries; geological and geotechnical surveys; design of structures; hydrologic and hydraulic engineering; financial assessment; environmental impact assessment; archaeological study (Certificate of Absence of Archaeological Remains and Environmental Management Plan); relocation of affected utilities; Bill of Quantities; technical specifications; analysis of unit prices; construction budget; works schedule; expenditure schedule and periodic maintenance reports.


Provías Nacional – Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones (Ministry of Transport and Communications)

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Contract Value: 1,318,186 €